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Food & Culture in Milton Keynes

January 23, 2017
As I went on a Sunday walk yesterday, taking in the aroma of cooking as I passed by different houses, I found myself pondering. What were they cooking? Was it food that represents their culture or a meal that represented food that they had discovered along the way – here in Milton Keynes or further ... Continue reading

2017 – A Better Year?

January 08, 2017
We all get there together or we don’t get there at all. From the movie ~ Hidden Figures   The first half of 2016 was reasonably calm. However, by the time we reached the second half of the year with the aftermath of the British EU referendum and the endless drama around the US elections, ... Continue reading

When Employees love what they do, but not where they do it.

December 05, 2016
I went into a shop to buy lunch last week. As I stared at the menu board trying to decide what I wanted to order, one of the assistants at the counter politely asked me with a smile, what I would like to order. I told her that I hadn’t made my mind up yet ... Continue reading
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