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Food & Culture in Milton Keynes

January 23, 2017
As I went on a Sunday walk yesterday, taking in the aroma of cooking as I passed by different houses, I found myself pondering. What were they cooking? Was it food that represents their culture or a meal that represented food that they had discovered along the way – here in Milton Keynes or further ... Continue reading

2017 – A Better Year?

January 08, 2017
We all get there together or we don’t get there at all. From the movie ~ Hidden Figures   The first half of 2016 was reasonably calm. However, by the time we reached the second half of the year with the aftermath of the British EU referendum and the endless drama around the US elections, ... Continue reading

When Employees love what they do, but not where they do it.

December 05, 2016
I went into a shop to buy lunch last week. As I stared at the menu board trying to decide what I wanted to order, one of the assistants at the counter politely asked me with a smile, what I would like to order. I told her that I hadn’t made my mind up yet ... Continue reading

The Significance of Brand Ambassadorship

June 30, 2016
I’ve been speaking about employees as organisations most important Brand Ambassadors for quite a long time now. It was, therefore great to go the Recruitment Festival – RecFest and hear people directly or indirectly speak of the importance of both employees and potential employees as Brand Ambassadors. First was House of Fraser with a five ... Continue reading

The Fallacy of a Referendum

June 22, 2016
The EU Referendum debate was an opportunity for us to have an intelligent discussion about some of the challenges that we face as a nation with reflections on the potential opportunities and solutions both in and out of Europe. Sadly, It seems to me that we have failed on this account. Although I may be ... Continue reading

Remembering the Key and Common Purpose

August 21, 2015
I was a School Governor i.e. on the Board for a School for close to 10 years. As I was a Founding Director not only did I share in the privilege and responsibility for setting the vision and direction of the school, I also had the opportunity to meet and work with some amazing people – ... Continue reading

Who Matters?

July 27, 2015
#160; I got rather upset last week. I had a disagreement with Ben, the details aren’t that important. What is, important is the fact that I spoke to Dorothy about it as she knew both of us and was aware of the background to the situation. I probably shouldn’t have bothered speaking to Dorothy though ... Continue reading

A Few Election Reflections

May 10, 2015
“Gain all you can, save all you can, and give all you can” John Wesley I’m very engaged politically – I believe that politics affects almost every aspect of our lives. At the same time I’m somewhat agnostic when it comes to political parties as I see the pros and cons of most of them ... Continue reading

The Future of Work

April 13, 2015
A presentation I gave on the Future of Work at an event for HR Directors in March 2015. Presentation at Strategic HR Network Annual Congress on The Future of Work. The Future of Work is Social, Collaborative and Connected. Examining how employee behaviours at work are being shaped by wider consumer technology trends and social ... Continue reading

The End

March 11, 2015
I recently read the headline of an article entitled “the beginning”, strangely I found myself thinking of endings. Not totally off point as often for something to begin, something else must end. They say all good things must come to an end. I don’t believe it’s ALL things. However sometimes they just do. Not because ... Continue reading
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