Value Optimisation

Conning Towers is a Human Resources Services firm which operates like the Conning Tower of a submarine – working with organisations to identify strategic solutions to the people related areas of the organisation that managers caught up in the day to day running of business may not readily see or have the tools or time to resolve.

Conning Towers has a specific focus on working with organisations to Maximise the Productivity of their workforces. With the in mind we run a number of External Training Programmes inclusive of:
- Maximising the Productivity of Young Professionals
- Optimising Business Results/Impact through a Multigenerational Workplace
- Making Workplace Diversity Profitable for Your Organisation
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In addition to external programmes which can also be delivered internally, work on a one to one basis with organisations on the basis of a four stage value optimisation model which enables organisations to develop and maximise productivity over time. The starting point all depends on where an organisation is at the point of engagement.

Human Value Optimisation

The Foundation Stage
The Foundation Stage entails a review and the required actions to ensure that the organisation has all the foundational policies, procedures & systems in place for the effective running of the organisation in line with both legislative requirements and best practice.

The Performance Stage
The Performance Stage involves the clear development of an organisation structure against a competency framework; process improvements and the development of business intelligence and a performance management system to enable effective workforce performance.

The Transformation Stage

The transformation stage involves determining the most cost effective and efficient set up for HR Services i.e. in-house, outsourced, shared services or a combination.

The Optimisation Stage
The optimisation stage involves the development of strategies best suited to fully optimise an organisation’s human capital value. Strategies are developed from a full suite of Talent Management strategies which may include elements such as enhanced Business Intelligence, Knowledge Management; Workforce & Succession Planning; Engagement and Attraction & Retention strategies.

Aligned to this Conning Towers has both taylor-made models to meet an organisations very specific needs and standard programmes inclusive of:
- A Small Business Review tracks where you are and recommendations solutions to enhance performance and productivity
- Systems review looks at the processes and systems that you have in place and how they can be made most productivity
- Strategy, Skills and Brand Ambassadorship helping with employee engagement and skills shortage
- The Culture and Identity Programme
- The Mosaic Workforce Programme Diverse and multigenerational organisations, conflict, productivity
Conning Towers additional offer investigations into workplace issues when things unfortunately go wrong
From the summer we will also be running the Senior Executive The Forward Thinking Mastermind event to Tackling HR issues and the Future of Work
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