Conning Towers works in line with the CIPD's Code of Professional Conduct.

In addition, Conning Towers operates on the following principles:

  • Honesty & Pragmatism
  • Professionalism with Integrity
  • Effective Communication
  • Valuing Diversity & Individuality
  • Meaningful Work & Relationships
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Lifelong Learning & Development

This is supported by testimonials from Clients as exemplified below:

Susan has good People Management Skills her ability to plan and develop the performance of others, and to establish and develop effective working relationships. Susan proved to be a good communicator, both verbally and orally, she is a team player. Her judgment is good and can be relied upon during difficult times, of which there were many. Susan has the ability to train staff to suit differing levels of understanding across all levels of personnel.

Susan has good Technical Skills her ability to understand and apply technical and/or professional expertise was put to good use on the project. Susan has been able to transfer knowledge and skills to a wide variety of the Finance, HR and project personnel.

S. Fishburn, WorleyParsons Plc

She carried out her role with us in a very professional and committed way, displaying an excellent understanding of HR Information Systems and forging effective working relationships with both HR and IT colleagues, thereby helping us to move forward significantly over a difficult period.

While Susan had high expectations of colleagues, she was always specific about what she needed from them and worked very well with them to help to achieve what she was after.
Keith Nurse, Department of Health

Over the years I have met many working in HR; in all kind of business, small and big companies; in Europe and in the US. But I have never come across anyone as positive as Susan - something way to many people miss; especially in HR. For me Susan is the impersonation of how and what an HR person should be.
Frank D. Kanu, Genius One, Inc

Susan has reviewed and commented on a number of HR matters for me, always promptly and perceptively. I shall use her services again when needs be.
Peter MacGregor, Ranworth Associates

During her work with the MHRA I found Susan to be dedicated, hardworking and knowledgeable. She always delivered on time to a high standard and I would not hesitate to request her services again in the future.
Joanna Billan, MHRA

"Susan is a dedicated professional with a sharp mind and a concern for people. This special combination reflects in the quality of the work that I have seen her perform
Fred Pink, Fiddlewood Consulting

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